Who We Are

A consortium of industry, academia, and government that recognizes the full spectrum of manufacturing technologies required to obtain precision and fully functional metal additive manufactured part. The consortium is conducting technology roadmapping and finding solutions both within the build envelope and external to it. This team is led by Youngstown State University, North Carolina State University, and the Pennsylvania State University.

Our Objectives

Establish a National Consortium

Establish a national consortium with a network of stakeholders who will collectively contribute and complement metal manufacturing industries

Develop a Technology Roadmap

Develop a well-defined technology roadmap identifying challenges and corresponding pathways to accelerate the adoption of AM technologies that will empower US manufacturing industries.

Execute an Implementation Strategy

Build and execute a long-term implementation strategy to sustain and continuously build upon both technological and workforce resources in AM-hybrid manufacturing resources.  

Our Partners

Consortium Make Up

A US-based consortium of entities including industries, academic, government agencies, professional organizations, and research entities who can both add to and benefit from advanced and hybrid manufacturing.
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